Parenting through the coronavirus time in Finland

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Parenting through the coronavirus – well, I thought it would have been harder so far. The kids have stay at home now one week, and I was a bit scare how I would cope with all this. I mean our youngest one just started kindergarden and we (or I) get used to the new routine and having some time of my own to work. This coronavirus stay-at-home life hasn’t been so bad, really.

One thing that we still can do in Finland is, that we can go out. We still go to walk and parks with kids, but of course we avoid contact with other people.

I have been coping well, because I respect the daily routines that we have created. Our boy goes to have his nap at the same time that he did in the kindergarden. Scheduling and planning daily bases helps me to copy with parenting during the coronavirus pandemic. I keep the frames and in the middle I improvise.

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Also, the reason, that I stay positive and optimistic is, that I concentrate on the present moment, not yesterday or tomorrow. I try to make the day best of it, even if I know, that it repeats the same routines day after day.

While staying home with the kids during the coronavirus pandemic, I have started to do my meditation practice even more often, even if it is like five to ten minutes, it helps me to concentrate and be balanced and positive person. I mean, what can I do in a situation like this? I can just accept the things how they are and make best of it.

For our family staying at home isn’t that bad, because anyway we spend a lot of time home or park near by. At the moment I haven’t have that much work, so I can be flexible and spend more time with the kids while my husband keeps working.

I do notice how lucky we are, and that I am really thankful. My husband or I ,we are not the ones who are out there to fight against the coronavirus for example like doctors or nurses that risk they health to help others. My husband can still go to his working space (there is only one person with him) and we are always been good at being team players: we know, that both of us need breaks to be without the kids during the day.

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So how does our coronavirus stay-at-home life looks like?

Well, after the breakfast, I look after the kids till three. Then my husband comes to eat and goes to the park with kids. I normally have time to work a couple of hours before they come back. Then it is “dinner” time and after my husband goes to work one hour or two. After seven it is the family time and at eight it start to be the bedtime. And same routine tomorrow and day after that, but it works, and it keeps us parent in a good mood.

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I have also started to limit my own screen time, because I have noticed that spending too much time on my phone, I start to feel dizzy, my eyes are tired and it is hard to concentrate to other tasks. Also, with kids it makes me multitask things when at the same time I try to be with them  and look at the phone – not really a clever mixture. I wanted to limit my screen time especially now, when during a couple of days I started to check the news like every hour. It is too much information, now I wait the information till next morning when my morning newspaper arrives.

And to be honest, I don’t really like myself, when I notice that by the end of the day I haven’t done nothing special than just spent too much time on my phone. I like to do things! I like to read and write, cook meals, spent time with the kids, do some knitting, do meditation and yoga practices – that is my kind of day, and I feel good when I go to bed at night. This  is the conclusion I have came, when I have spent a week at home. I am sure you are doing some reflection too? Like, what is important in your daily life? What kind of things are eating your energy? What giving it to you?

Anyway, in the big picture this is just a little period of our lifes. And when most of us are staying home, so why make most of it?

“We will survive this together” start to be a bit cliché, but it is true!

I send you a lot of virtual hugs and positive energy to work through this!

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