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Have your heard about the theory of Plan B? Or really thought about it? My husband has. He had this theory about plan B – and this he has been thinking a lot lately. According to him, plan B is the one quality in common that successful people share in life. And why is that? Let me explain. When you have a plan B in your life, your current life or the goal that you are reaching, well the journey is not that difficult, when you won’t have to do it with blood tasting in your mouth or try too hard.

I was criticizing my husband about this. Sometimes in life people that succeed are those, who are focusing only that one thing, succeeding it, and often they don’t have other choices.

Well, sometimes yes, but often when seeing only that one goal in life, there might be misfortunes, mental or physical tiredness, or simple you just want to change the goal or you get tired of it. That might happen. Then it is better you have some back-up plan in might. The plan B can be something you find in the middle of your journey by accidentally and it will be come your other option.

My husband gave me two examples. In the other, let’s say there is a musician who doesn’t play that good even whe he has been practicing a lot. Would it be better that he finds something else to earn his living and just play the music for a pleasure? This is how the pressure of being a professional musician is gone, and who knows one day that musician will be doing that for living when there will not be any forcing. So this plan B is also about knowing who you are and what are those things that you are good at.

Another example. A friend of my husband is really scared of flying. When my husband asks, which is the scary part of it? His friend answered “the pain when the plane is crashing”. Then my husband encouraged him to think what happens after the crash. There is only peace and your body won’t experience any pain. Kind of radical example, but also to learn about this story is to image your worst scenario in life and then, what happens after. This is a part of plan B.

I started to see the point and this all let me think about our life and our back-up-plans. You know, all this life in Spain, a beautiful house with a swimming pool could be actually gone in next day. It is really possible. My husband has two companies in the web, and you never know what is going to happen, and me, I am a freelancer journalist who doesn’t make that much money anyway – well this can not last forever? What we will do then?

Well, we have made our plan B, which actually liberates us from stressing, and gives us new ideas.

Actually we have plan B and C. In the one we move to my country, Finland, where things are in so many level better than in other countries that I have been (for example a free education). In the other scenario we pack our bags and travel in different places fro a couple of year or so, we help people and the planet in different organizations, home educate our kid, make yoga videos and keep a travel blog. Anyway, this plan B allows you to start over again – and it is not that bad thing at all.

What is your plan B?



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