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This autumn everything will change again

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This summer hasn’t gone like I planned. I didn’t spend a relaxing and easy-going summer – no I surely didn’t. To be honest this summer has been heavy in a mentally and physically way. Mentally because I have been processing a lot about our future and where would be that ideal place to be right now, physically because I am pregnant. This was surprise to us. Of course we were thinking about the second one, but not in this moment.…

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Plan B

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Have your heard about the theory of Plan B? Or really thought about it? My husband has. He had this theory about plan B – and this he has been thinking a lot lately. According to him, plan B is the one quality in common that successful people share in life. And why is that? Let me explain. When you have a plan B in your life, your current life or the goal that you are reaching, well the journey…

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