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What I wore this summer

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Since we arrived in Bretagne I have been living in these four outfits:


my summer style

Recently, I wrote an article on overalls – and how functional a piece of clothing they are. When you wear them, you don’t have to think about the top and bottom part separately. And what goes underneath is this: a bikini top or a bandeau.

overall urban outfitters

The leaf-patterned overall (which you have been seeing before) I wouldn’t wear for a dinner, but the sort one I could style for a night out by adding some jewelry, a denim jacket and high-heeled sandals – and of course some red lipstick.

white maxi dress

white maxi dress

white dress

This white maxi dress was hanging in my wardrobe for two years with the tags on it, but finally this summer I decided to give it a chance. And I have to say: it changes everything. Especially when you get a bit tanned the white dress is one of the prettiest pieces of summer clothing that you can own: it is simple but powerful at the same time.


frida kahlo style

This Frida Kahlo inspired outfit represents my style perfectly: it is colorful, fun, the outfit supports ecological values (apart from the shoes the clothes are from vintage shops) and it is feminine. By adding the shoes (What For) I DIY my Gucci-like style.



What is your favorite style?




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