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How to stay calm during the holiday season

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This holiday season I have managed to avoid creating Christmas stress. I have breath in the slow mood and accept the fact that Christmas time goes as it does. I am not going to force it to be perfect, and I don’t want to poison my mind with stress. How to do this? Well, firstly I am not going to stress about buying Christmas presents. This year again we won’t buy presents for adults. We got a couple of books…

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This Christmas…

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This Christmas… I feel blessed that we got our mum home after a difficult surgery. Almost all of my gang is at the same address during Christmas. I feel relaxed, because we don’t need to run from place to place on Christmas Eve. We stay at my mum’s, visit the cemetery and my grandmum at the retirement home, and that’s about it. And what I am going to do is this: put the woolen socks on, give myself a treat…

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