A postcard from Lanzarote


We have been in Lanzarote for more than a week, and I kind of start to understand those tourists who fall in love with the Island and decide to sell everything and move to Lanzarote. I cannot blame them. I mean, it has been a dream to wake up every morning and to hear and to see the ocean. Then go to the kitchen and make morning coffee and look at how the sun rises over the sea. It is breathtaking. And then when you get the chance to go jogging down by the sea or do your yoga practice in peace, well it is an ideal picture of a perfect life, to me at least. Or how about reading a book on the terrace and taking a sip of chilled white wine every now and then.

Well, these are all those perfect Instagram moments that we tend to share with others; luckily we have this family holiday reality, which keeps our feet down on the ground and us from going crazy about moving to the island. The fact is that in those holiday apartments the facilities are never as good as at home, which can cause some intense moments at times. And especially, when in this two-room apartment the other person needs to work. So on this so-called holiday we have learned this: do not mix work and holiday, if there isn’t an extra room for an office.

And to accept that even an ideally perfect holiday has it’s down sides, like tired parents, a screaming baby, pee on the bed or a broken toilet. These are just little things in the big picture, things that you can laugh about when you are in the right company.

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