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This is how you beat the wardrobe crisis


For me the first signs of spring are the hints to start change the season in my wardrobe. This means I pack my autumn/winter clothes away and bring the spring ones in. This method I have done a couple of years now, and I found it really helpful in my ongoing wardrobe crisis. Also, this seasonal thinking is a responsible action for the planet, too. I will tell you why, and why you should try this too.

When I started to do the seasonal swap in my wardrobe, I started to do more findings from my closet.  And why is this? Because a half of the year most of the clothes are not on my sight, so when I found them again, it is like they are new to me, and I am all excited to mix them together and create new outfits. This seasonal update has also taught me to identify, which clothes I actually wear, so I learn more about my style, too. I have also learned which clothes I wear in a particular season. For example for spring, I am always into stripes, polka dots, light and pastel colors, and I like to wear light blue jeans and button shirt. I am sure you are with me on this, because year after year women’s magazines highlights these trends – only models, lengths and widths of clothes changes and follows the fashion cycle. This is why I can assure, you do have things to wear this spring, and next one too – just go and look!


As I pointed, the seasonal thinking of the wardrobe has also taught me to identify my style. I have more idea what I actually wear. When I am swapping the clothes on my wardrobe and notice that there are clothes that I haven’t wear in that season, I normally sell them on second hand market or give them to a charity shop. Also, I try to analyze why I haven’t wear the item and learn from it, that I won’t buy that style or color again. For example I have learned that I don’t wear long cardigans, white button shirts or black pencil skirts. These are the items that are normally considered to be the basic clothes, but for me, well they are not. This is where we get to the idea, that there doesn’t exist universal basic clothing that everyone should own. For others black smart pants are essentials, others would never wear them.

And finally, I think the talk about creating perfect wardrobe and about clothes and style is absurd. We are advised to clean up our closets and create that perfect style and buy only clothes that makes us feel happy and great – well is it this all a little bit too much? We are talking about clothes! Or let the antifashion old lady Vivienne Westwood put it better. In 2006 she created campaign called Get A Life against the consumerism. Westwood urged people to spend more time in art galleries instead of shopping ” to be more cultivated and therefore more human” (Press 2016, 301). Not a bad idea in this IG era.

It is also necessary to realize that we need to change our point of view about dressing and buying new stuff. The question of “how do I build a perfect closet” should be changed to the following: how do I use and combine the clothes that I own? Already, this change of perspective will serve better the planet, because you will lengthen the life cycle of a piece of clothing. And it is a fact that no one of us will ever own 100 % perfect wardrobe, that will last, because within years we will change, our life circumstances will change, maybe our living country or job will change – we might change as a person, too. Anyway, these factors will effect how we dress up. When you let go of the idea of ​​making a perfect wardrobe, you will set yourself free and start to look with different eyes your closet.

Press, Claire 2016: Wardrobe Crisis – How we went from Sunday best to fast fashion. Skyhorse Publishing.

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