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5 tips how to reach your goals

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Recently, I listened twice a ten days meditation class Manifest Your Ultimate Goals & Dreams by Kenneth Soares via Insight Timer (yep, it is my favorite application at the moment). Kenneth is a mental coach, a member of a Power Thoughts Meditation Club (I recommend to check their web page) and free spirit. I really like this guy. Anyway, the topic of the ten days class was goals in life and how to reach them. The subject really spoke to me in…

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Good vibes for the New Year 2017

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Wild New Year’s Eve party and a lot of promises for the new year. No, no, no! This is how our New Year’s Eve went when we celebrating it for the first time as a family: Delicious pizza in a local good-old restaurant. As a bonus a glass of wine. After dinner we went to see a big fireworks show, which was organized by my home town. Well, we were there an hour before it all started. As a result,…

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