5 tips how to reach your goals

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Recently, I listened twice a ten days meditation class Manifest Your Ultimate Goals & Dreams by Kenneth Soares via Insight Timer (yep, it is my favorite application at the moment). Kenneth is a mental coach, a member of a Power Thoughts Meditation Club (I recommend to check their web page) and free spirit. I really like this guy. Anyway, the topic of the ten days class was goals in life and how to reach them. The subject really spoke to me in this time, so I wanted to share Kenneth’s tips to you too. I mean, if you are wondering why the goal setting is difficult or often so out of reach. I felt like this when we were living in Alella. I had all the time during the day to do what I wanted, but I hardly get anything done really. I lost my focus and purpose, and most of the time I was wondering what I should do. To avoid this same feeling, here is what Kenneth propose for reaching the goals:

1.Write done what you want. Really, do this. Kenneth mentions that when you write down your goals it increases 75 % the chance to really reach them.

2. Make clear goals and make deadline. For example, I will meditate every morning for ten minutes till end of November or I will finish writing that article by the end of October. Also, do a planning on daily base so that the goal is easier to reach. Slice the goal like eating an apple. It works!

3. Why? This is your key question. Have you ever wonder why you really want to reach this goal? Why it is so important to you? Kenneth mentions that answering the question why you more likely will reach your target. To put it in other words: most unlikely you will reach your goal if you haven’t stop thinking ‘why’.

4. Engage and accept that there will be stones on your road – like in life in general.

5. How to get start? Make a one goal of each of these categories:

– mental growth

– physical well-being

– relationship (family, friends, relationship)

– working life / study

Follow the steps mention earlier.

I hope these steps will help you as they have helped me. I have made dream maps in every New Year’s Eve since 2014, and I noticed that some of the goals were forgotten on my fancy mind map. Afterwards I have realized that I didn’t make them precise enough and thought about the question why.

So to turn the new chapter from now on I will try to answer the question ‘why’ whenever setting new goals.

What do you manifest? And why?


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