Recipe for my super diet – you should try it too!

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Normally the New Year starts with a lot of promises. Maybe you want to get thinner? Start a new diet? Or did you already get a membership at the closest gym? When you look at the magazine stand at your nearest supermarket you’ll see how all the covers of women’s magazines seem to make promises about how you can accomplish a good life or be happier.

As we know in life, there really isn’t any shortcut to happiness. And certainly a fast diet is not an answer to that. Me, I don’t believe in diets: I have been on one and never will. Also, this year, I haven’t made any hard promises or planned any radical changes. Instead, I will continue on the good old path that I started to walk a couple of years ago.


So this is it:

  1. I will continue eating healthy and a 99 % vegetarian based diet. My whole body feels so much better since I became a vegetarian. Also, when I changed my eating habits, I started to learn how to actually cook.
  1. I listen to what my body needs. I won’t go to the gym to do any hardcore training, if I don’t feel like it. I believe that we all experience different periods in life: sometimes you need more active training, sometimes some softer workouts. For me, in this cold wintertime, I need more of relaxing yoga than hard training at the gym. This I will respect. Before, I would force myself to go running ten kilometers three times a week. Not anymore, now that I know that it didn’t do any good to my body.
  1. I will continue to be a more conscious dresser. That means I will shop less than last year, I will mostly buy second hand clothes or make them myself. Also, I will continue shopping in my own wardrobe. The key is being creative in everyday life.

On this channel there will be more talk about sustainability in fashion. This spring I am going to take part in an online course about ethical fashion and I can bet you, that I will share the information here. Furthermore, I have a pile of books waiting about the topic. I know that this talk about sustainability can be harsh, and you might wonder what I am on about, but it is a serious issue that we need to get more people to get engaged in. And I am not trying to be better than others, I am just a beginner learning about this topic.

So I am sure when continuing on this path I will feel better about myself inside out.

So I challenge you to join me in this three-step movement. The only rule is to be merciful to yourself and others – and think about the environment!




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