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The best of the month: March


It starts to be bright in the morning. Spring is definitely coming here in Helsinki. This I found out when we came back from our winter break from North of Finland. Asphalt is exposed under the snow and there is smell of spring in the air. On the street I see people wearing more light colors and they have changed their winter shoes to sneakers. I wonder, should I too? Or just to keep my winter boots on for a…

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Shine on November!


The darkest season (in North) is here, and it is perfect excuse to carry light and warmness to your body and soul. November is one of my favorite months. You might think, I am kidding, but nope, it is. And I am going to tell you why: It is time to slow time. Literally here in North we need to start walk slower not to fall down. This is a perfect moment to walk more intentionally, to be more present.…

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