Shine on November!


The darkest season (in North) is here, and it is perfect excuse to carry light and warmness to your body and soul.

November is one of my favorite months. You might think, I am kidding, but nope, it is. And I am going to tell you why:

It is time to slow time. Literally here in North we need to start walk slower not to fall down. This is a perfect moment to walk more intentionally, to be more present.

November is a perfect month to turn attention to your inner self and get cozy. It is time to change cold drinks to hot ones, like Finnish glögi or tea, take breaks during the day on your yoga mat or just read a couple page of a good book on your sofa. It is time to light candles and praise the soft light. I would say that November is an official month of hygge.

Also, for me, November is a good excuse to start prepare for Christmas without the stress of buying gifts and all the other things we have to do before that big day. It is just the perfect time, slowly, to start enjoying Christmas lights and to eat chocolate, not to forget all the fun pre-Christmas parties that are waiting (well not for me that much parting this year).

Here is my pampering list for you to make the month even better:

In my diffuser: Last week, when I tried a new yoga studio, I smelled a little spicy, Christmas-like scent. “What was in the diffuser?”, I asked. “It is an essential oil called Thieves by Young Living”, answered the yoga teacher. I bought one bottle for myself right away. Thieves is a perfect essential oil for Christmas season. It is a mix of special aromatic combination composed of clove, rosemary, lemon, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus radiate. It definitely fills the place with seductive, rich and spicy aroma. The name thieves comes from 15th century French thieves who combined this special mixture. High recommendations. You can get your own bottle from here.

yogitea november

Drink of the month: Spicy Sweet Chai tea by Yogitea.

On my plate: dates and chocolate

natural cosmetics november

On my skin: Himalayan Body Scrub by Flow Cosmetics. This vanilla & orange mix body scrub purifies my skin and makes it soft. After this I am addict to Melvita’s Argan oil, which I have been using this autumn non-stop. After adding the body oil, I like to put another layer of Mossa’s Intense Nutrition, Sea Buckthorn body lotion. This season calls for an extra attention to my skin. Oh boy, how the skin feels different when living here in North than it was in sunny Spain. Luckily we have the sauna in our apartment. My favorite routine after the sauna is to do a slow body nutrition routine and do it in mindfully.

Music: Snatam Kaur – soft and spiritual.

Asana of the month: Baddha konasana, butterfly. For us women, we attend to have a lot of pressure on our hips. This asana helps you open more your inner tights and hip area. Make it a routine, do this asana every night before going to bed and you will notice the difference after a couple of weeks. This asana helps you also during periods.

yoga asana baddha konasana

How to do it:

Bent the knees and bring the feet together. Sit tall on the sitting bones (both sitting bones rooted) with the hands of the floor. Open the feet like a book, press the heels together while stretching the knees out toward the floor. Rotate the pelvis forward to draw the hearth center toward the horizon. If you feel any pressure on the knee area, add a block under the knees.

yoga asanas by satu


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