Pregnancy and excercise

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This time I wanted to write about doing sports during pregnancy. For more than two years I have exercised regularly three to four times a week, and pregnancy hasn’t changed that. In the first trimester I continued running (at a slow pace, of course) and did some yoga and ballet videos on YouTube. Then in the second trimester I traded running for walking on a treadmill, a butt workout with a cross-trainer and some muscle excercises for my legs and arms. Luckily our gym also has a swimming pool, where I usually go for a swim and relax after my workout.

Now that I am six months along I have continued my gym excercise routine, and also started going to a hatha yoga class, which was recommended by a friend. Normally, as I mentioned, I have done yoga workouts at home with help of online videos. Yoga especially has helped a lot with my back problems, which started in the end of the second trimester.



Of course I don’t know how much longer I can continue to do sport as much I do now. Carrying my workout bag, walking to the gym and putting my trainers on are starting to be a problem. Luckily I have my man to help me. And when moving gets too difficult, I can always go back to doing yoga videos on YouTube.

Anyway, what I do know is that sports and especially hatha yoga have helped me with my pregnancy-related back problems. After working out I also feel more energetic and healthier. I discovered this once again when I had stayed home a couple of days without any excercise. (It was a weekend and in Paris it was like zero degree, too cold to get out.) After the weekend I felt more tired, ate much less healthily, and felt irritated. On Monday, when I finally got around to going to the gym, I felt so much better after the workout than before. Yes, of course I did, but when you really feel the difference in your body and mind, you still are amazed: just excercise regularly and the effect is enormous!


joogakuva1During the last couple of years I have mysteriously started to repeat this simple mantra (like every healthy guru does): eat healthily (and organic), sleep well, excercise regularly and organize your week better so you don’t have to hurry all the time. All these things together have helped me find a balanced routine in my everyday life. And as a bonus all this has an effect on my body and mind. Not to mention the impact on my unborn baby: when the mother feels good and balanced, the baby has a safe place to grow.






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