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Ok, the title is a bit ambivalent because traveling can never be totally zero waste. When you take a plane – you are far away from it, but in this article I wanted to write about how you can reduce waste what comes about eating when on the road.

When you go to an airport, plane or railway station you probably buy a take away coffee and a sandwich, which is wrapped in plastic, right? Traveling is stressful and you were in a hurry. I know! I know! Well this is exactly the moment we can act differently. For me the wake up call was the birth of my child. Then I needed to start prepare beforehand a bag full of food and clothes. Also, I started to think the environmental issues: if I carry on like this, I participate filling the planet with plastic. I wanted to change our habits not only in our everyday life but also when we are traveling.

So in this writing I wanted to share my tips how you can reduce waste when you are traveling.

This is what we take with us:

– durable water bottle

– durable take away mug

– a couple of fabric bags

– wooden cutlery in a little fabric bag (that I can pack fruits)

– I made our lunch. Normally I prepare egg and cheese sandwiches (which our daughter loves, and she knows to ask them when we are on a plane).

– if we are traveling during a lunch hour I prepare also a quinoa-based salad and use all the leftover legumes from our fridge. (And if I have some food left that otherwise would end up in bio can, I give to our neighbour.)

– sliced fruits

– a little cold bag that I can add all this.

This made sound self-evident and simple – and it is, but when you don’t prepare your travel carefully this might be last in your list after packing, making reservations and checking out the weather report in your next location. Anyway, for me, every time I do this, I thank myself for doing it, saving money, eating healthy during the travel and above all reduce waste.

What’s your top tips for more sustainable travel?

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