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Often in the beginning of a yoga or meditation practice the teacher guide us to breath in with our nose and breath slowly out with our mouth and at the same time to let go of something we are holding in, like negative feelings, stress or nervousness.

This kind of meditation mantra is a part of my daily meditation moments. In concrete level this “let it go” process has been part of our life in the past couple of weeks now between this moving hell. Instead of carrying all the old stuff from Spain to our summerhouse in Brittany, we decided to say big NO. It seemed pointless to just put those things on hold and not to be sure, if we ever going to use them. So with help of our lovely neighbor we put on sale a lot of furniture, terrace chairs, two fridges and washing machines. And most of it, we sold very fast. It feels good to give those objects a new life, but also it feels good in that “let it go” level. It almost feels like all these old stuff was holding us back. Now I feel we have make space for something new.

And with new I don’t mean that we are going to replace the sold stuff with buying something new. Our idea is to use those money that we get from selling the furniture to decorate our new apartment with second hand furniture.

Also, I did this cleaning up ritual again in my wardrobe, too. As we only have a car that we are going to fill with all the everyday stuff and clothes that we will take to Finland, we have planned really carefully what we are going to take with us. This means intentional cleaning and letting go process in my wardrobe. I ended up giving (again) clothes to the charity shops, and now what is left is only my favorite ones. When going through my closet, I kept in mind this information: we only use about 10 percent of the content of our wardrobe. So why the hell should I bring all these clothes to fill the closets of our new apartment? Nope I won’t do that. This time everything is thought in a mindful way.

I have to say that a little by little, I start to breath in a more minimalistic lifestyle, and it seems to fit me inside and outside.

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