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Ok, I have been living in Catalonia now about a month and already I have noticed that some things have changed.

Here is what I have noticed:

Before: I rushed around Paris to go from place A to B and then C…After when I got back home I was feeling tired. I used a lot of my time to just to get in different places – that takes time and energy.

Now: We mostly pass our time in our village. Things are simple. We take our daughter to the nursery, do some grocery shopping and get back to our house; we work and then pick up our child around five. We only go to Barcelona like once in the week, and we plan beforehand what we are going to do. I do love to walk around in the city when I am on a weekend holiday, but everyday life I prefer to keep things simple and efficient. To put in other way: Big cities makes me tired these days.

Before: The time passed fast.

Now: I feel like I have earned some extra hours in my day. Before picking up our daughter I have finished my to do -list and I still got time to sit down on our terrace and look at the view. And nope, I don’t take any extra hours from my sleeping time.

Before: We went to an expensive and badly filled organic grocery shop in Paris, and I hated it to go there every time. People where in the bad mood, the lines where long and there where hardy place to move with trams and the shopping cart.

Now: Our local grocery shop is literally full of local and fresh fruits and vegetables. It makes me smile every time I go there.

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Before: I used to stay inside most of the day.

Now: Even when it is wintertime in here, I have spent more time outdoors than never before. It is so good for my mind and body to spend more and more time outside, to take care of our garden or just to work at our terrace. Naturally I sleep well.

Before: I was planning our next trip all the time. (Afterwards I have realized that it was because I wasn’t happy to live in Paris.)

Now: I don’t miss to be anywhere else or I don’t need to be planning our next trip. I am absolutely happy to be here.


So I guess I have to admit that we have found our ideal destination, and I have started to become a real senora.


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