Why did we move to Catalonia?


So, I have written about our new start here in Catalonia, but I haven’t really opened up, why we wanted to give up our life in Paris and move to a new country and to a place where we don’t know anyone.

So this blog text is about that.

Firstly, we wanted to give our daughter the best possible place to grow up. Secondly, we wanted to move somewhere in Europe where the climate is warm and most of the time nice. Also, we wanted to give up the hectic life in the big city and slow down.

Shortly, we wanted to find that ideal place where we could be on countryside and have our own garden, but still be next to a big city.


Also, we wanted to live more to our values and in more ecological way: to recycle better, buy local food, doing things by ourselves, and just enjoy everyday life in a natural and healthy environment.

We were thinking about South of France, Italy and then Spain. The final decision was made when we had visited Barcelona region a couple of times. And when we found this little wine village near Barcelona, we were absolutely sure, that this could be ideal place for us. Also, we learned that the village is really international: there is an international school near by, and lot of people speaks English. These things made the decision-making easy.


Before, I remember, that I used to make plans for our next trip to this and that location. Afterwards I have realized, that it was, because we weren’t happy living in where we were. We were always looking for some excuses to get away. Now, I love the idea that I can just be here. I can diminish my ecological footprint when it comes to travels, because, in general, I don’t need to go anywhere. I am happy here! The weather is nice, the sun is shining, I can be in my garden, and the rhythm of the life is slower than in a big city. Even original everyday stuff, like doing laundry, makes me happy, especially when I can put the laundry to dry outside.

The only thing that is presenting less ecological values is, that we needed to buy a car. Yep, not proud of it, but it was kind of mandatory here. Thought, we do use the car wisely and basically only on weekends. We walk to the nursery and the village (this is so good sport when we need to climb back to our house!) When it gets warmer, we will do daytrips by our bikes. Anyway, we found it better to do road trips in South of Europa by car than taking a plane to somewhere far.

So that’s about it. Now you know why we are here:)

Between the lines what I try to say is, that if it possible, it is better to live by your values and make the choices that make your everyday life happier. It is better to find the actual moment and the environment pleasant than hastaging #throwbacks or just living in the future and waiting for the next summer holiday. That is what I think.

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