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    Walking on my power path

    In Brittany I have been walking on the same hiking trail every evening. That gave me an idea that this is my power road. You might have heard talk about power…

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    Plan B

    Have your heard about the theory of Plan B? Or really thought about it? My husband has. He had this theory about plan B – and this he has been thinking…

  • Sustainable Fashion

    How to travel light?

    A little escape in the city when the weather report promises sun and some rainy days, you have a wedding party to attend to and you want to travel with Zero…

  • Lifestyle

    5 things that are differently

    Ok, I have been living in Catalonia now about a month and already I have noticed that some things have changed. Here is what I have noticed: Before: I rushed around…

  • Lifestyle

    Why did we move to Catalonia?

    So, I have written about our new start here in Catalonia, but I haven’t really opened up, why we wanted to give up our life in Paris and move to a…

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    The story of four eggs

    First I thought I was going to feel so lonely here in Barcelona region, in a small village where I don’t know anyone, but oh boy how wrong I was. It…

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    New Start

    Ok, so we have moved from Helsinki to Barcelona region. To be honest it was a bit shock at first. We were living in Helsinki and Paris and now we are…