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    Action now!

    IPPC published its climate report this week, and this week’s news has been all about it. It is hard and scary to read that we only have like twelve years to…

  • Wellness

    5 tips how to reach your goals

    Recently, I listened twice a ten days meditation class Manifest Your Ultimate Goals & Dreams by Kenneth Soares via Insight Timer (yep, it is my favorite application at the moment). Kenneth is a…

  • Lifestyle

    Home Decor from a Rubbish

    This week we are moving to a new unfurnished apartment, and of course my mind started to wonder around decorating our new space. Especially here in the north home and its…

  • Travel

    Zero waste lifestyle on the road

    Ok, the title is a bit ambivalent because traveling can never be totally zero waste. When you take a plane – you are far away from it, but in this article…

  • Lifestyle

    Let it go!

    Often in the beginning of a yoga or meditation practice the teacher guide us to breath in with our nose and breath slowly out with our mouth and at the same…

  • Lifestyle

    A slow down list for the autumn

    Normally autumn means a new start for me. I always try something new and enroll in some exiting class. This fall I decided to do differently. I had to admit that…

  • Wellness

    Walking on my power path

    In Brittany I have been walking on the same hiking trail every evening. That gave me an idea that this is my power road. You might have heard talk about power…

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    Plan B

    Have your heard about the theory of Plan B? Or really thought about it? My husband has. He had this theory about plan B – and this he has been thinking…