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    zero waste home

    We have been living in our current apartment now a one year. Those who have followed me on Instagram or this blog know, that we moved last September from Spain to…

  • Travel

    Summertime in Finland

    In May I was all about going somewhere, but now when the summertime started in Finland, I am more than happy that I can spend the whole month in here. The…

  • Travel

    Aftermath: a perfect holiday

    You might call the holiday to be successful when you return home feeling a bit blue. At least my husband says it’s like that. Me, I began to suspect if the…

  • Lifestyle

    Should we have another baby?

    This weekend we celebrate mothers, so I decided to write about how is life with two children and being a mum. I am sure many of you parents think about the…

  • Travel

    Get together!

    During our trip to Barcelona region, we saw our friends every day. We were so on the road all the time, that the Finn in me needed one day off to…

  • Travel

    A postcard from Spain

    After spending eight months in Finland, it was about a time to have a little break. We decided to come for a holiday near to our old home area in Barcelona…

  • Wellness

    Looking for that lost balance

    During my pregnancy I was in my perfect zen mood: I ate and slept well. I did my yoga and meditation practice every day. I avoid drinking too much coffee, and…

  • Lifestyle

    Nothing is permanent except change

    I am always been afraid of settling in just one place. In my late twenties when my friends started to buy houses and making kids, I escaped to Paris. I rented…