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    Looking for that lost balance

    During my pregnancy I was in my perfect zen mood: I ate and slept well. I did my yoga and meditation practice every day. I avoid drinking too much coffee, and…

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    Nothing is permanent except change

    I am always been afraid of settling in just one place. In my late twenties when my friends started to buy houses and making kids, I escaped to Paris. I rented…

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    The best of the month: March

    It starts to be bright in the morning. Spring is definitely coming here in Helsinki. This I found out when we came back from our winter break from North of Finland.…

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    Winter break in Northern Finland

    We didn’t plan to go on a winter holiday, but as I looked the calendar, I noticed that our girl has a winter break from nursery. So at day’s notice we…

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    The Second Baby

    Okay, our son is only about a month old, but I dare to say that being second time mother feels so much easier than with the first one. In a way,…

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    February: Favorite list of the month

    With the New Year there always comes an opportunity to change things, chance of new beginnings. To our family the start of the year has been really about new beginnings when…

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    Sweet boredom

    Milan Kundera writes in his novel La Lenteur (1993) something that goes like this: When things happen too fast, nobody can be sure of anything, nothing really. Not even ourselves. Things…