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  • unelmakartta

    Dream on my dear

    It is that time of the year again: it is time to look back before the New Year hits. How was your year 2018? What made you happy? What are you…

  • joulukuu

    My favorite list for December

    Christmas spirit starts to be everywhere, but can we really get into the mood, when we need to do so much? Christmas time is definitely not that easy for everyone, not…

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    A different kind of weekend in Tallinn

    Normally weekend holidays in a city represented for me shopping and tiring running around from fancy cafés to another. Nowadays I choose my hotel well and invest on sweet idleness. Four…

  • meditaatio1

    On meditation…

    In Sanskrit and Tibetan language the nearest words to meditation is bhavana (to grow, to cultivate) and gom. These words emphasize the point to do meditation: to find that true and…

  • DSC01621

    Shine on November!

    The darkest season (in North) is here, and it is perfect excuse to carry light and warmness to your body and soul. November is one of my favorite months. You might…

  • DSC01608

    Home sweet home

    I recently wrote about our decoration philosophy, and that our new apartment we are going to buy everything we can on second hand markets. So, now we are in our new…

  • IMG 9329

    Action now!

    IPPC published its climate report this week, and this week’s news has been all about it. It is hard and scary to read that we only have like twelve years to…

  • IMG 9029

    5 tips how to reach your goals

    Recently, I listened twice a ten days meditation class Manifest Your Ultimate Goals & Dreams by Kenneth Soares via Insight Timer (yep, it is my favorite application at the moment). Kenneth is a…