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In Sanskrit and Tibetan language the nearest words to meditation is bhavana (to grow, to cultivate) and gom. These words emphasize the point to do meditation: to find that true and clear mind that observes us and the world, and through that we can grow to become that better version of ourselves, and with only that we can serve the world and others better, too. This all demands practice, meditation. By changing ourselves, we can start to change the world around us and help others.

I have to admit, that it wasn’t easy to start to do meditation at the beginning. Listen to music or by reading a book was the closest to that I could get to meditation state. Then I found yoga, and little by little I started to find my focus, too. Thought, at first I was into powerful yoga practice and I found those slow yoga classes boring, to be honest. But with years practice I started to be more interested in meditation.

This summer I started to do meditation practice every day, and I have been doing ever since. I started in a complicated period in my life. Last summer we were making important decision about our future and where we are going to live. We decided to sell the house in Alella and move to Helsinki, as you know. But that wasn’t easy decision to make, and it still hurts me to think of it. Anyway, in that moment I found comfort, relief and more strength to deal my emotions when I started to do a little meditation practice besides yoga.

Every morning I went to this big empty room (that was planned to be our master bedroom in one day), lighted a candle and sat down on my yoga mat, put on my headphones and started to listen to a guided meditation. At first it was painful to deal all the stuff that kept coming out, every time I end up crying – but I kept returning to that space and to do my meditation practice.

When we moved to Helsinki I continued my practice, even when my mind kept returning to Alella and that empty room. I noticed that I started to become stronger, even when I was hurting inside. I believe, for me, meditation helped me be face to face with my emotions and thoughts – I didn’t escape, I dealed them. I became calmer and stronger.

With regular practice I have noticed some differences in me and I think I have became a better version of my self.

Here are the benefits that I have discovered:

1) I have more patience, and I don’t get nervous that easily.

2) I am more present

3) I stress less about the future

4) I think more positively

5) I have better concentration skills

6) I know better how am I doing

7) I sleep better

8) I am not in a hurry

9) I breathe more slowly

10) I accept the fact that some things I can effects, others not. That sometimes it is better to just let the things go as they go, and try not to force them.

11) I spend less time in social media

This is not a surprise that I have found these positive changes in me, because there are many researches about the benefits of doing meditation on regular base (Ricard 2008/2010 18–20).

Do you find meditation practice difficult?

Nobody is a master at the beginning. Start with slow steps. At first try to find 5 to 10 minutes a day to do your practice. Sit down in a quiet place. Find a good seated position that you can spend a little time. If you don’t like to sit on the floor, you can sit on a chair. The most important thing is that, your back is straight that all the energy channels in our body can be in straight line and this is how your mind is free.

Close your eyes and just start to pay attention to your breathing, how it moves your body with inhale and exhale. If you mind keeps wondering, that is normal. Minds mission is to create thoughts, but you can always turn the focus back on your breathing. Try to calculate your inhales and exhales, that might help too. Try not to control your breathing, let it go as natural it goes. That is how you start, learn, and keep your focus to become a master of meditation.

Or you can always try this easy mantra meditation. In your inhale say silently so and with exhale ham. That means I am that/he/she. Repeat it several times. Then later let go of ham sound, and then later give up repeating so. The idea in the end is to let go all the guided meditation and get to that pure state where there is peace and harmony – this is a place where you can enter with your mind.

Start to day. I promise that this is a best and free investment you can do for yourself in a long run. In life, we all have experienced some painful situations and we will. With solid and balanced mind we can deal what’s coming better, talking about the effects what regular meditation practice does your every day life.


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