Next destination: Lanzarote


It’s early on Saturday morning and we are heading to Orly airport. It is 5 o’clock and we are already in the taxi. We haven’t completely woken up yet, and we act mechanically just to make it to the plane (and get that morning coffee). I’m always a little tense before we go on holiday. Too many deadlines before leaving. The night before I was finishing my text for my creative writing course and then cleaning up the house. But when we get to our destination and I feel the sun on my face, I start to feel relaxed and blessed. It’s like a little Buddha is sitting on my shoulders and whispering: now you can relax. I don’t really care which seaside resort we are heading to (as long as it is not full of tourists), because the result is always the same: when you hear and see the ocean in front of you, it is like your inner clock starts to tick more slowly.


And I feel totally grateful when I can do my morning yoga on the terrace and most of all: to enjoy that cup of coffee outside. It is actually the first time in my entire life that I am in a sunny place in January. It was about a time. More tips and travel stories from Lanzarote coming up.



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