The story of four eggs


First I thought I was going to feel so lonely here in Barcelona region, in a small village where I don’t know anyone, but oh boy how wrong I was. It hasn’t been a day that I haven’t been talking to someone who I don’t know, and often we don’t even share the same language.

These last weeks we have been invited spontaneysly to a Sunday lunch to our neighbours’ house when they saw as walking near they house. They even give us some eggs from their chicken ( yes, this is how countryside we are living now). And while we were going to our neighbours’ place we end up talking to other neighbours next door, and they invited us too for a lunch. This kind of thing never happened to us in Paris or in Finland. I really am amazed how friendly people are here. I never seen anything like this.



I have to share another story, too. I was washing dishes in the kitchen when I saw our neighbour shaking hands to try to get my attention. I went outside to see what he wanted, and then he reach for the barrier and gave me two bags. In the other there were eggs and in the other lemons.

Not only people are friendly, helpful and open-minded, but they want to share things.



In the other day, when we were leaving from the lunch date from our neighbour’s place, our lovely hostess said: “welcome again, my house is your house, too”.

Okey, I still got lot to do with my Finnish attitude where we mostly leave our neighbours alone, to start to be as open as our neighbours are. I can already feel that the wind is changing.

I will continue my exploration here, in Catalonia.

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